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My Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Horror series.

RESIDUE – 2015



Anthologies/Short Fiction

To purchase any of the below items, simply click on the picture and you will be taken to the Amazon page for the item, where you can purchase the eBook or physical copy of the book.

Shared NightmaresSHARED NIGHTMARES is not only the first anthology I ever edited, but it also contains my short story, “What Hellhounds Dream”









The Baen Big Book of MonstersTHE BAEN BIG BOOK OF MONSTERS contains my short story, “A Single Samurai”










Space Eldritch 2SPACE ELDRITCH II has my short story, “From Within the Walls”










Called to Battle, Vol. 2CALLED TO BATTLE: Volume 2 is a collection of short stories set in in the Privateer Press world of Warmachine. It has my novelette, “Conviction”








The Crimson Pact, Vol. 2THE CRIMSON PACT: Volume 2 is where I had my first short story published. And my second! This also marks the beginning of a a series of short fiction pieces following the FBI agent, Lazarus Tombs. The first short story is “Still Life”. The second is co-authored with NYT Bestseller, and Award-winning author, Larry Correia, and is titled, “Son of Fire, Son of Thunder”







The Crimson Pact, Vol. 3THE CRIMSON PACT: Volume 3 sees the continuation of the series of stories started in the prior volume starring Lazarus Tombs and Diego Santos. This story was also written with Larry Correia, and is titled, “That Which We Fear”








The Crimson Pact, Vol. 4THE CRIMSON PACT: Volume 4 contains the 4th Lazarus Tombs story, a solo effort this time, titled, “The Best Lies”









Crimson Pact, Vol. 5
THE CRIMSON PACT: Volume 5 marks the conclusion of the Tombs and Santos story (for now). Written with Larry Correia, the story is titled, “A Choice of Fate”


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