GenCon 2015

This weekend I will be attending GenCon in Indianapolis. This is my absolute favorite convention. What do I do at this convention? Well, mainly I play games. That’s the point. And spend money. I’m a sucker for convention exclusive items, and so I’ll be on the hunt for some good stuff. This year, I’m on the lookout for the new Infinity army pack, the new expansion to Smash-Up, maybe a little DreadBall, Dead of Winter, and the re-release of the Versus card game from Upper Deck.

On top of all the gaming goodness, GenCon is also host to one of the best Writer’s Symposiums in the business. It is, without a doubt, the most organized. All other conventions should look at GenCon as an example. This year I’m moderating a ton of panels. If you are in Indy, and want to say “Hi” and get a book signed (or buy one–I’ll have a few on me), here’s my schedule:

Thursday 2pm
Business of Writing: Defining Genres & Why It Matters
Program Code: SEM1577113
Steven Diamond (Moderator)
Geoffrey Girard
Brian McClellan
Django Wexler
Steve S. Long

Thursday 6pm
Worldbuilding: When Your World is a Character
Program Code: SEM1577117
Steven Diamond (Moderator)
Howard Tayler
Patrick S. Tomlinson
Jerry Gordon
Django Wexler

Thursday 7pm
Writer’s Craft: Novel Outlines & Synopsis
Program Code: SEM1577118
Steven Diamond (Moderator)
Brad Beaulieu
Michael R. Underwood
Max Gladstone

Saturday 9am (oh dear…9am…someone bring me a Mt Dew…)
Creating Characters 101
Aaron Rosenberg
Jason Schmetzer
Erik Scott de Bie
Kameron Hurley

Saturday 3pm
Writer’s Craft: Magic and the Modern World
Steven Diamond (Moderator)
Partick S. Tomlinson
John Hornor Jacobs
Maurice Broaddus
Max Gladstone

Come and say hi!