OK. It’s been a while, but I thought I’d give some updates. I’m not great at blogging, but I’ll get better. I’ll likely start talking about stuff I like (games, books, movies, sports). Anywho, here we go:

UPDATE 1: RESIDUE and its sequels

So what’s going on with the sequel to RESIDUE?

Yeah. It’s been a while. I get asked about book 2 more often than I figured I would. That’s awesome! So, a lot of you know from talking with me that I had some issues after RESIDUE was released. The copy editor did a poor job (thankfully the folks at Ragnarok got this fixed). Then Ragnarok transitioned into bookstore distribution, which is great. But this pushed out the sequel by quite a while, just because of how publishing works with bookstores and all the logistics and stuff. What I learned, though, was that while my book was included in the distribution of Ragnarok’s entire catalog, this didn’t mean it was going to be distributed. Then, during all of this, my day job became brutally taxing. This job pays my bills, so it’s a priority.

But this explanation of the sequel isn’t done yet.

Ragnarok is a new company. This means that financial issues are major for them. I’m not saying this as a condemnation of them. Every small business has to deal with financial hardship, and it looks like they are turning the corner. They’ve been good to me, on the whole. But between financial issues, the distribution issues, and some other stuff, I felt like my work wasn’t a priority. I had a great talk with with Joe Martin over at Ragnarok, and we made the amicable arrangement for my rights to be reverted back to me. Joe is awesome, and were were both sad about it all, but we were moving in two different directions.

What does this mean?

It means I own my book. All the rights to it are mine. I can resell it. I can self-pub it (meh). I’m looking at some options.

Cool, but what does this mean for the sequel?

Not much, really. It won’t be published by Ragnarok, is the main thing. Who will it be published by? I dunno. I have a couple things in the works. But the book is happening. It will likely be done by the end of the month. The book is titled PARASITE. It takes place six months after RESIDUE, in the city of Sacramento. Jack is still looking for his dad, Alex is trying to learn more about her father’s shadowy company. And then a psychic parasite is released, ruining everything for everyone.

Thanks for sticking with me.

UPDATE 2: Roleplaying Games

Yeah. I’m writing for roleplaying games. It’s a ton of fun. One of my best friends, Alan Bahr, works for Nocturnal producing RPGs (and a bunch of other games). He asked me to write some stuff for him. Simple micro-settings for the Tiny Frontiers line. It’s a ton of fun, and those games are awesome.

Does this mean I’ll be writing some bigger stuff for RPGs?

I can neither confirm nor deny this.

Is there a chance for a RESIDUE RPG? A High School Horror RPG with RESIDUE as a foundation would be rad.

I can neither confirm nor deny this. But yes, it would be rad.

UPDATE 3: Secret Project!

So. Cool stuff. I’ve been asked to co-write a novel for a major publisher. Neat, huh?

Well, what is it?

I can’t say yet. The other author is the big name, and I won’t say anything until he announces it. I’m not even going to say what genre it is…but it WILL have some horror in it as an element. I can’t help but include horror in everything.

When will we know what it is, and when does it come out?

I don’t know when I get to announce it. Probably in a few months. The draft is due around the end of this year. I’m super pumped, because this story is fantastic!


Well. That’s all I have time for today. See you guys around!


Who I Write For

When I worked at Waldenbooks, I had a regular come in, always asking for SF&F. He was a local cop, and he was on his department’s version of SVU (special victims unit). That’s the unit typically involved in some of the most soul-sucking crimes. I could tell if this guy had a really rough day just from his eyes. He would come in, wave at me and whoever else was working, then go right back to the SF&F section. I’d go talk with him about new releases, or old classics. Got him hooked on OLD MAN’S WAR. Some Sanderson. Butcher. He said he read SF&F because it helped him calm down from a bad day, and helped him escape from some of the stuff he had to deal with.

I write for that guy.

Another regular at the store was a high-school kid–though he was, like, six-foot-gazillion. He loved hardbacks. He especially loved Jim Butcher. In fact, it’s because if his excitement for Butcher that I started reading The Dresden Files. This kid couldn’t help but share his love of books, and he couldn’t wait for the next book to captivate him.

I write for that guy.

When I lived in Mexico, I met some of the poorest of poor. I helped them build their homes, helped them when they were struggling with their businesses, and sometimes I just talked with them. I loved talking with the teenagers and twenty-somethings. One of the things we could always talk about was super heroes. No matter how tight things were, they always squeezed out some money so they could get comics–sometimes in English, so they struggled reading them. They loved to read that stuff. Loved talking about it. Loved to swept away from stories.

I write for them.

My Mom and Dad got me reading before I was ten. Lloyd Alexander. CS Lewis. Tolkien. Brooks. They encouraged me to read, and when I was done to read some more.

I write for them, and for parents like them everywhere. And for my kids and kids like me everywhere.

Maybe you see what I’m driving at here. It isn’t that I don’t care where you are from, or who you are. Quite the opposite. I love to hear about different people, and where they come from. It’s those differences that make up all the awesomeness of life. We all come from different places, but so many of us find our way into Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and everywhere in between. Guy, girl, black, white, religious, not-religious, gay, straight, robot, alien…

Yeah, all that matters. It makes you who you are. It makes me who I am.

I write for you.

Not in the high-and-mighty way. But the, “Geez I hope this scares people” or “Wonder if I can get a reader to laugh here?” way. I wanna tell stories because I’ve heard so many.


How’s the New-Car Smell?

Heya! Welcome. C’mon in. Have a seat. Wish I could offer you drinks, but I’m still breaking the place in. Don’t mind the sawdust while I get the site situated.

This is kinda surreal for me. I’m writing this post because I’m having a book published. In case you don’t know, that’s kind of a big deal for me. Heck, for anyone. You have to understand, you work and you work, and you get rejected over and over…and then someone says, “Hey, that Steve Diamond guy is alright. Let’s give him a shot.”

So here I am. My first first novel, RESIDUE, is being picked up by Ragnarok Publications. RESIDUE is a YA Horror/Urban Fantasy novel, and the first in a trilogy. It follows Jack Bishop as he realizes he can see the psychic residue left behind by monsters and murder victims. I sincerely hope, when it comes out, that people have fun reading it.

If you’ve followed what I do over at Elitist Book Reviews, you might recall how I was talking up Ragnarok Publications a bit back for their BLACKGUARDS anthology. I said how much I liked them, and how I was impressed most by one thing:

Their reliability. They say they are gonna do something, and they do. Not to mention they do things like rescue anthologies–like the incredible NEVERLAND’S LIBRARY–and have some solid art direction, and a great staff.

And now, somehow, I’m working with them. And they have been terrific.

So yeah. Welcome. Feel free to check in and listen to my ramblings about sports, TV, movies, video games…and of course, books.